March 10, 2015

The RY Community Wardrobe

RY's Community Wardrobe from Rainbow Youth on Vimeo.

"In a new initiative aimed at supporting gender diverse and queer young people,  RainbowYOUTH has launched the Community Wardrobe at the back of their Karangahape Road drop-in centre. The wardrobe works by collecting clothing donations from the community, that are then sorted into the wardrobe and available for young queer and trans* people to try on in a safe and affirming place and take home for free.

Funding from youth sector support organisation Ara Taiohi help kick off the wardrobe which involved materials to renovate a storage shed at the back of the RainbowYOUTH drop-in centre to include shelves, lighting, a coat of paint & clothing racks. Over the past 3 months, volunteers have been hard at work to get the wardrobe ready in time for an opening to coincide with the Auckland Pride Festival with Westlake Girls’ College running a clothing drive at the end of 2014 to generate a huge amount of clothes to fill the wardrobe.

With the support of the K R’d Business Association, the wardrobe was launched and officially opened on the 14th of February and is now open for public use.

RY will be taking donations later on in the year (they have more than enough to launch) of quality clothing, shoes, accessories and chest garments (binders/bras)."

September 10, 2014

Aych is AOK!

I'm really excited that two new pieces of art that I have been working on will be exhibited tomorrow evening as part of the AOK Fashion Thursday event on K Road in Auckland. The AOK festival (or "All On K'Rd) is a celebration of the neighborhood's creatives and is packed full of exciting events. I'm hoping that I'll also be able to get to some of the other events alongside my own! 

A few words on the words I have thinking about recently:
Multidisciplinary artist, Aych McArdle will present a series of new works exploring themes of excess and self-worship. Playing with light and sound, this exhibition will run through the stairwell of St Kevin’s Arcade, drawing the viewer from Karangahape Road down to Myers Park and back up into the chaos of urban life. Centred on the twin nature fashion and excess, this installation asks “What is it that we seek through our obsession with the self?”

Image: Thanks Ponsonby News for the cute write up! 

If you want to check out my work, it will be on display from 6pm - 8pm on the steps of St Kevins Arcade (running between Karangahape Road and Myers Park) with an artist talk at 7pm. 

For full details of other events on the night, check out the full event schedule.


August 30, 2014

WIWT at NZFW '14 Day 3

Sponsored post

Outfit post time! I was lucky enough to be dressed by several brands this week (how good is life!) and my favourite outfit of the week was from day number three. This time of year is pretty hit and miss weather wise in Auckland so dressing for fashion week can be a bit of a 'mare. How do you navigate chilly wind down at waterfront with packed runway venues warmed by stage lights? I feel I nailed both my fashion needs and my comfort levels with this look. Scroll down for details and for some special offers!

Necklace and Ring: pinch & fold, Jumper: opshop find by Kitty, Pants: Just Female from SHOPBOP, Clutch: Kate Spade from SHOPBOP, Shoes: MR. W & ME, Makeup: Smashbox.

I was really stoked to have the Smashbox team do my makeup at NZFW. Nothing like having your glam team get you ready for the day. Felt a little bit like a Kardashian…. The team have given me some special deals to offer you: If spend over $80 on the Smashbox website over the remaining days of the NZFW you can nab a free lip gloss valued at $50. AND I have a gift from their new Santigold collection to give away to readers (valued at $250). To enter: send me a Facebook messageTweet or email telling me about your favourite NZFW '14 show. I'll draw the winner on Monday evening!


August 28, 2014

NZFW '14: Day 3

Day three of New Zealand Fashion Week has wrapped with the bulk of the shows now over for another year. I had a really nice time on site today hanging out with fashion friends and taking a look at our designers latest offerings. Thanks to Smashbox for making my face look pretty!

Image: Maddy Budd always makes my day!

Celine Rita

I was so excited when I heard that Celine Rita would celebrate her fifth birthday on the runway at NZFW this year. Designer Celine Chapman and I are old fashion school friends and I couldn't be prouder of her brilliant show! The colour, energy, and sophistication of this collection was a breath of fresh air this week. Her collection was cohesive, sleek and on brand. Welcome to a new chapter in the Celine Rita story, this girl is going from strength to strength!

Trish Peng

I am a fierce supporter of the young designer and I love to see our emerging talent doing well. I was really impressed with the well crafted looks on the runway by Trish Peng. I enjoy her bold and considered use of colour.


After a big week for team Trelise Cooper, the COOP show flew relatively under the radar compared to the Trelise Cooper show. This collection saw the launch of the #THENEWARMY campaign, a t-shirt fundraiser for Breast Cancer Cure. It’s cute. I’m keen on the “Kiss Me” pop art panels across the first few looks of the COOP range.

Annah Stretton

After debacle of Annah Stretton’s live runway marriage last year at fashion week, her presence at NZFW this year was a little quieter. I was actually quite surprised with her collection (I acknowledge I bring a little bit of bias!). It was on brand, tighter than usual and filled with pieces that I can see walking out the door on the Annah Stretton customer.


Hailwood delivered a collection that was sleek, slim and sexy. Balancing his urban streetwear silhouettes with nighttime glamour, Hailwood presented a diverse show. I’m always torn with Hailwood, I usually adore several key pieces but can’t connect with the rest of the range. This year my fave looks included everything velvet and the turquoise metallic bomber.

Kate Sylvester

Welcome back to NZFW Kate Sylvester!  So nice to see Kate and hubby Wayne around this week at other shows. It’s in those moments you realise we are such a small fashion community here in New Zealand. It's great to see other designers supporting each other.

Something I have always admired about the way that Kate Sylvester develops a range is her understanding of the relationship between colour, texture and silhouette. This collection was a conversation between those three elements, a strong offering for A/W’ 15.

New Zealand Fashion Weekend kicks off tomorrow evening and you can get involved in the festivities. Check out the list of events here (select from the drop down menu) and buy tickets here.


All runway photos: Michael Ng

August 27, 2014

NZFW '14: Day 2

I had two really special fashion moments today on day two of NZFW. The first was bumping into my highschool friend Eliza who I haven’t seen in seven years! We had an awesome catch up, exchanged digits and geeked out about how awesome it was to see each other. Eliza is a gorgeous soul and I’m so glad she is back in my life! My second magic moment of the day was the Zambesi show. My heart is still filled with glitter thinking about the collection. 

Thoughts on each of the collections to hit the runway today are below and above is a cute snap of my reunion with the lovely Eliza and another cute snap with my fave pink haired M.A.C artist Nicole Thompson who I was overjoyed to run into this evening

Brainchild of Huffer, aim is a diffusion line that “is an effortlessly beautiful and wearable collection for women." The invite further elaborates to explain aim is "a finely defined range speaks that speaks confidence, quality and takes presentation to higher levels of sophistication.” A series of hanging portraits of the collection filled Huffer HQ and Chelsea Metcalf of Watercolours fame performed at the show who I think is the perfect fit for the brand.

Contemporary Salon Show: Lucy McIntosh and Pardon My French

Lucy McIntosh

Beautiful tailoring, clean lines, well cut prints and fun loving pleats were at Lucy McIntosh. A sophisticated young look that was tight and cohesive. Leather bomber, sheer tops, pleated skirts, double breasted blazers. A colour palette invested in pastel pink, white, gold, black, taupe and greens. Perfection!

Pardon My French

Elegant and clean but it was hard not to compare PMF to Lucy McIntosh. Her collection was just so strong! You can check out the gallery of the show here.

New Zealand Weddings Magazine

Basic synopsis: There were big dresses, colourful dresses, slim dresses. There were grooms in shorts, cute kids did cute things and there were great cupcakes in the goodie bags. The New Zealand Weddings Magazine show is always another reality sitting alongside the NZFW schedule but always leaves one with lovely feels. The gorgeous Lani of Lani Says walked for John Zimmerman and looked divine as always!


PIA presented a Spring/Summer show and one couldn’t help but think that it was more geared towards her customers rather than helping media and buyers prep for Autumn/Winter coverage. The collection was cute but nothing we haven’t already seen from her. If it was a show geared towards her existing customers then I guess they would have been stoked!

Andrea Moore

Ginny Blackmore performed and there was an explosion of colour at the Andrea Moore show. I admit I dig the odd piece that Andrea Moore makes but I always feel like I’m not quite old enough or grown up enough to shop in her stores. Perhaps that is something I need to work through! Fave outfits are pictured below.

Juliette Hogan

DIVINE! Overheard outside the venue after the show: "That was Juliette Hogan doing sexy!" I would add that she did it all with her sophisticated elegant manner. School ball season is going to go berserk over her offerings, alongside other events calling for sophisticated evening wear. One of my favourite looks was the simple long sleeved black leotard styled with  a floor length lace skirt. It was perfect. Clean, beautiful proportions and a good dense black (show lights really help you tell the quality of a black!) The collection was curated well, the garments spoke to and about each other and the breadth it covered was just right.


How can one start to explain this collection? The Zambesi show opened with a warm light radiating out of the top of the runway where the first model appeared and at that moment something warmed in my heart. I later tweeted that it was a feeling of insatiable euphoria. Zambesi, you melted my heart! I’m still processing this one so I’ll leave you with a collage of my favourite looks (click to enlarge):

NZFW ‘14 Day Two down, rest up fashion family!


All runway photos: Michael Ng

August 26, 2014

NZFW '14: Day 1

New Zealand Fashion Week 2014 was officially opened last night and runway shows kicked off this morning. After a noisy start with some intense drum action at NOM*D the day wrapped with an outdoor show at Western Springs Speedway for Stolen Girlfriends Club. Inbetween we saw some new designers hit the runway (to limited success) and we saw Dame Trelise Cooper make the incredibly offensive move of including Native American headdress on her models for her Cooper collection in the name of "70s vibes". Pics of my favourite outfits from each show and commentary below!


My dear friend Kayleigh attended the NOM*D show on my behalf (scheduling conflict!) and her live updates went something like this: "A lot of black / A lot of leather jackets. I'm in uniform / We got given earplugs! / 7 drum kits. Eeek! / 7 drummers, such a great runway idea! / Models wearing tartan socks. I'm in tartan socks. Winning / Just did my fash and dash for this year!" I was excited to see the collection styled with Marmalade Hats! I want to make sure I nab a few pairs of the NOM*Dsocks alongside the "LOVE NOM*D" printed tee.

Contemporary Salon and New Generation Show

I'm a fierce supporter of the young designer and I hope my blog is testament to that. With all of that said I was decidedly underwhelmed by the Contemporary Salon show featuring Shen and the New Generation Show featuring Amber Whitecliffe, Wendy Jared and Désirée. Here is hoping lots of learning took place and that this experience will be a place to grow from for all of these young labels. 

Lela Jacobs

Lela Jacobs presented her AW'15 collection with her signature nod to "androgynous appeal without trend victimization" and her paneled layering of silks, cottons and merino. I feel this collection was a solid set of trans-seasonal pieces that will appeal to her loyal fan base. 

Underground Installation 

The silos in Silo Park played host to the Underground Installation featuring both established and emerging designers and photographers. Full event info is available here. Make sure you get along to this free event over the next few weeks. The Underground feature curated by Chris Lorimer of Ciel PR is fast becoming my favourite feature of NZFW!


My immediate thoughts on this collection by Salasai was that it was an interesting mix of styles and silhouettes, a collection of looks rather than a traditional fashion collection. Perhaps the mark of a larger collection that was refined down to a series of key looks? So nice to see the Salasai team back in town, we miss them now they are based in Australia!

Trelise Cooper

Now let's have a conversation about the styling of the Cooper by Trelise Cooper range. Four models walked the runway wearing a traditional Native American headdress. The social media team instagrammed a backstage image of one of these models with the comment "70s bohemian vibes". I almost banged my head against a wall. For those who don't understand why this cultural appropriation is offensive check out this good read by Native Appropriations on "But Why Can't I Wear a Hipster Headdress?" Fans and onlookers have been quick to send feedback to Dame Cooper on her offensive styling choice with some calling for her Damehood to be revoked. I've selected a few comments below and I encourage you to share your thoughts with her team via Facebook and Twitter

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Again like Salasai, this felt like the Stolen Girlfriends Club collection could be either a sneak peak of a larger range or a series of seperate ideas combined to appeal to a large audience. Their print of the season is interesting and features accross several silhouettes

My awesome friend Juliet (of Studio Stimpson fame) went in disguise as me this evening (why is life so busy!) and reported back with this brilliant synopsis:
"Clothes were the usual super-cool rock n roll stuff, quite 80s but in like a hair metal way, slogan tee's with logo's down the arms (and also pants with them down the legs for guys), one of the slogans on the front of tee's was "Fire Walk With Me" - which is the name of the Twin Peaks movie and you can totally see the Twin Peaks reference in some of the more preppy spooky stuff - like the twin sets and the oversized checks. 
Lots of leather jackets and super skinny pants, and some also quite 90s kind of goth matrix-ish stuff, like black sheer bits and wrap around-ish sunglasses. And also some quite 90s dark denim with glitter - a jacket and some jeans that I'm pretty sure Pumpkin Patch sold when I was a kid!!   
All in all a good show and there are definitely a few pieces which could slip right into my wardrobe!"
Day 1 is done and dusted, sleep well fashion family!


All runway photos: Michael Ng

August 25, 2014


I've always had a thing for cuties with septum piercings so when I got to see a sneak peak of  Meadowlark Jewellery's SS 14/15 range a few months ago I knew the Thorn Septum ring (pictured below) was going to be a huge hit. Rihanna also fell in love with it and was gifted one to keep after her cover shoot for W Magazine (pictured above). The editorial was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot and styled by W's fashion and style director Edward Enniful. So proud to see Meadowlark staring on this huge cover!

Lady Gaga recently got her septum pierced too and I have been super envious …

.. so much so that I got mine pierced in the weekend! 

I am in love!