July 8, 2009

Ethical Jewellery yea?

Oria Wolf Necklace (£114)
and Cufflinks (£168.00)Oooooooooo I WANT!
Check out this animal inspired range of ethical jewellery by Oria. Licious much!

I'm in love with stirling silver especially quirky pendants and charms *:-)

What exactly does ethical jewellery mean? The main issue facing jewellery production (as with fashion and other consumer products) centers around tracability and impact on the environment. Oria state that they "support small-scale, fair-trade companies which have good working conditions, pay decent wages and do not engage in the use of child labour." Sounds good to me.

But what about materials used? Oria give clear details about the metals they use and gemstones too. Mmm pearls just like the oyster intended!

An awesome example of a company commited to ethical tracable product is our very own icebreaker. I love how you can buy a pair of socks/or whatever then enter the baacode (haha) and follow the entire process of production.

Often it's a hard balance finding product thats trend orientated and also produced in a clear and fair way.

aahhhhh passionate much!