July 6, 2009

Meals with a Foreign Flair - July 09

Good morning Auckland!
Photo: Mercy Radiology Group XRAY set against early sunshine
Patient: Hannah McArdle

I promise I'm still alive!

Yesterday afternoon I attended my 3rd Meal's with a Forgeign Flair - a monthly creative lunch hosted by Kareen Hillenar.

This months guest speaker was graphic designer Ralph Matthews who recently presented a seminar at the winter 09 event for Design Assembly.

We were lucky enough to hear his thoughts entitled "On the edge of interactive and intelligent design"

This guy knows his stuff. I was most intrigued by the questioned poised "what will come after digital design?" As media changes so does the way we create, share and sell information.

Ralph showed us this brilliant example [below] of electronic paper:

A newspaper that updates itself? Harry Potter much!
Muggle-licious = YES!