July 11, 2009

A skinny September?

Just got home from a fashionable night watching The September Issue at Auckland's Civic Theatre as part of the NZ Internatinal Film Festival. This licious documentary follows Vouge Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for nine months as preparations are made the for the September 08 issue for American Vouge - the largest issue to date weighing in at almost five pounds . One fashionista was heard exclaiming "It was JUST like The Devil Wears Prada.. but, like, REAL LIFE!"

Well cut, set at a good pace and very licious to watch. I felt like I was actually in Anna's living room - not sure if thats an experience I'll ever have?! And I LOVED the very fashionable scene - I felt like all us fashion kids were out united in this really wierd way. Seeing that crowd all together outside of a runway show/party was quite cute. Ahh community *:-)

Ahh and have you seen WWD has reported skinny September issues this year? An indicator of tighter budgest all round - what will the year ahead bring? As one Vouge editor exclaimed "September is the January in Fashion!"