March 26, 2010

The ever delicious Mia Sudakov...

It has been almost a year since I met superwoman Mia Sudakov founder of Private Access. Thanks to the wonders of the interweb I got to have a good ol yarn with this inspirational woman... ((heaps more after the jump so click click click!!!)) x


One thing you can't live without...

My vision board and dream book!

About 5 years I bought a scrap book and through visuals and pictures out of Vogue, InStyle and my fave glossy magazines and put together a whole book of what I wanted my life to look like, feel like and be like in all areas of my life. This “dream book” has traveled with me to New York and Miami where I lived for a year and was the basis for my baby Private Access.

Now I can’t live without my vision board and my dream book. If I am feeling stuck in an area of my life I create it visually on a board and then my creativity just starts to flow…its such a beautiful process, I love it!

I believe that if you have a dream and you train your mind to see it everyday through such a powerful medium as a “dream book” you will ultimately draw that very life to you!

Before I came up with the concept for Private Access I simply knew that I wanted to bring together all of my passions and all of the things I love to do. I knew I wanted an online business but I didn’t exactly know HOW it was going to look or even what I was going to do but visually it was in my “dream book” the whole time. Wow, I am still amazed at how it all works!!!


Mia, in a nutshell tell us about your baby private access?

I moved to New York in August 2007 and then Miami Beach in 2008 where I worked in Fashion PR, attended the Chanel Cruise Show and yes Karl Lagerfeld was there and Dianne Kruger, Anna Kournikova and perhaps just been around that I realized that this is the world I wanted to be a part of and to share with others.

When I returned to Australia I bought another scrap book – see the theme :-)

And started to create mind maps of all the things I loved to do and all the experiences that I had and felt passionate about – personal development, spa life, exotic travels, wealth creation, philanthropy, fashion and glamour and a spiritual life. I looked at the work I did in the past and what I was really great at and what I enjoyed doing the most and created Private Access.

I was in Mandurah in Perth when I came up with the name. Walking along the river, reflecting on life and working through the ideas which were coming through me. I saw a Jetty with a gate and a sign that said “PRIVATE JETTY” and I started going through names in my head…and came up with PRIVATE ACCESS and it encompassed everything that Private Access is.

It’s about exclusivity and PRIVATE ACCESS to the very best life possible. We go behind the scenes into the “private” lives of some of Australia’s leading and inspirational women. Through the behind the scenes peek into some of the worlds leading women I provide aspiration, motivation and self realization to get the PRIVATE ACCESS woman to where she wants to be.

So far I have interviewed DJ Havana Brown and Samantha Wills….and I have Mahalia Barnes, Poppy King, Erika Heynatz and Kirrily Johnston to come….to stayed tuned and you can read them on our blog.

Your favourite part of the fashion industry? And most disliked part of the fashion industry?

My favourite part of the fashion industry is the never ending creative force of the designers . I am amazed and inspired by the way it works and how they can manifest such beauty through the work they do.

Most disliked part of the fashion industry is that some of the designers are not accessible to many women. Fashion in Australia especially tends to be less accessible due to the cost some of the designers attach to purchase their brand.

I did a marketing survey of 500 women and found out that many of them do not feel valued by their favourite brands. Many of them do not offer a loyalty program of any kind for the ongoing loyalty and support Australian women give to these brands.

Private Access aims to bring the world of fashion to women in a very unique and different way – we aim to empower women from the inside out and bring them an online experience together with an online portal where they can gain PRIVATE ACCESS to the promotions and privileges to their favourite Australian brands. In turn they are valued by our brand partners and we create a relationship between the brand and our members so everyone wins.

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