July 31, 2011

NZNTM Cycle 3 Episode 8

Image: Isaac Hindin-Miller of IsaacLikes.com

How excited I was to watch this weeks episode that featured a runway critique with Kiwi fashion blogger Isaac Hindin-Miller! To have an afternoon to sit down and chinwag with this man is pure gold so I hope they lapped up his thoughts and have accepted the few harsh truths that he bestowed on them. As Colin exclaimed "Let's just hope Isaac likes you!" 
What the girls learned:

1. Don't wear a hat/beanie to a casting. -Bianca/Arihana
3. Being labeled a commercial model (rather than catwalk/high fashion) is not the end of your career. In fact it is the beginning of what can be very well paying regular work. - Aroha
4. Lesbians of gore rejoice! Isaac found their missing sistah - Hillary
5. ENERGY! SPARK! High fashion = Needs high energy - Issy
6. Anyone remember Hosanna? Issy and Brigette need to work on their walk.
7. "There’s a very fine line between cool and awkward. Always air on the side of caution" - AJ

Image: The girls in their custom made red carpet ensembles

After a frantic "fashion day" of fittings, hair and makeup appointments across town the girls 
assembled for a faux red carpet experience. Poor AJ thought it was a race and scrambled down the red carpet like it was a three legged race. Some really cute outfits designed by 3rd year AUT Fashion students featured in the madness with Hillary winning a pair of diamond earrings for her grand entrance and stunning ensemble.

Image: Madeline Sami and Hillary

Funny woman Madline Sami joined the girls this week on a shoot at the Auckland Museum. Styled with moustaches and heels the girls needed to embody a masculine sexiness while referencing their femininity. Who came out a winner? Hands down it was Hillary. My money says this girl makes the final three.

Image: Madeline Sami and Arihana

Sadly Arihana had run out of tricks and her look which initially blew away the judges failed to wow them one last time. She was sent packing with her hoola hoops and Glassons goody bag  back to Dunedin. 

Next week a shock elimination grounds one girl before they make it to Abu Dhabi. Who will it be? I'm worried it might be Brigette...LOVE her but she hasn't rated too well over the last couple of weeks... The nerves are setting in!


All images: TV3. My fave images are pictured above!
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