How to Choose the Best Bike Rack

Bike Racks Australia

Bike parking rack with a bike stored in it

Choosing a bike rack is no small decision. It takes careful planning and a bit of research to find one which is perfectly suited for your needs. There are certain factors which you need t consider when buying a bike rack. These include the number of vehicles, the number of bikes you would be transporting nd how often you would be using those bike racks. There are different styles of bike racks. Below each one is listed so you can decide which one is best suited for your needs.

Roof racks

For those who drive vehicles which are over five feet tall like SUV’s and trucks, roof racks are not the best option. Imagine having to lift the bike at such a great height. It requires a great deal of endurance and strength and is not a feasible option because loading and unloading your bike can become a major issue.

Roof racks are best suited for cars which are closer to the ground. The cross bars for roof racks prove to be pretty feasible and can be used for a variety of purchases. One benefit of roof racks is that these are very easy to install. However putting them on and off your vehicle can be an issue. You can leave these racks on even when they are not in use.  Roof racks are versatile enough to allow you to use one or two units when required. However keep in mind that when using roof racks, the height of your vehicle can increase to a certain extent and this is not allowed by certain restaurants and drive through.

Hitch mounted racks

Hitch mounted racks work well for vehicles with a height greater than five feet. These can be available in two designs. These include the tray style hitch mounted racks. The bikes are supported on a tray like structure and the trays can easily accommodate up to fur bikes. So if you are a family of biking enthusiasts, this can be a great option.

Another option is using arm support hitch mounts. However, keep in mind that the loading height is pretty low and it can’t accommodate bikes which have specific features which include unusual metal frames etc. Another drawback is that these are pretty heavy. Another disadvantage is that these aren’t as functional as roof racks and are often quite expensive as well.

Trunk mounted racks

If roof racks and hitch mounted racks is not a feasible option for you, you can also make use of trunk mounted racks. They are pretty much economical and won’t break the bank. These are quick to install as well. Trunk style mounts are pretty much light weight and one model can be used on a variety of compatible vehicles thus making them a great option for someone who’s on a budget and is also looking for a safe way to transport their bikes.

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