How to Get Rid of Mice

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Finding mice in your home can cause the most strong hearted to feel queasy. Whether you have spotted a rodent in your kitchen, attic or even in your yard, spotting one can be a frightening experience for most. The worst part about a mice invading your home is that it may start breeding and there could very well be a whole hoard of mice living within your home. These creatures are pretty resourceful and multiply in droves. Often sighting just one of them should be enough to raise your hackles. The following are some simple tips of helping you get rid of rodents.

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Mice usually enter homes during the cold weather, this is because they want to keep themselves away from the cold. The worst part about having mice in homes is they can cause disease and destruction. They contaminate the food and the areas where they travel. Plus their gnawing on wires can cause electric circuit breakdowns and fires as well.

  • Always make sure to install door sweeps and put screens on all your doors and windows. You can hire professionals who can actually help make sure that your home I safe from all kinds of pests. Installing screens can also help you get rid of other crawling and flying insects as well.
  • If the screen is installed but damaged make sure you repair any holes by installing new mesh or by painting it over with nail polish. Keep in mind rodent can squeeze in from the smallest openings.
  • Make sure all seals and cracks in your homes are sealed off properly.
  • Any pipes which enter your home should be sealed from the outside using caulk or any other filling.
  • Food should be kept in containers which are airtight. Any food left outside can be an open invitation for the rodents to come and feast on it.
  • Garbage should be disposed of properly. Similarly garbage cans within and outside your homes should be sealed off as well.
  • All areas and places within the home should be well aired and ventilated properly.
  • Any loose mortar and holes in the foundation of your home should be checked for and filled on a regular basis.
  • Any leaking pipes and clogged drains should be looked into immediately. These can be a breeding ground for mice.
  • Whenever you bring in packages from outside, make sure you inspect those properly.
  • If you plan on strong firewood, make sure you do o at least twenty feet away from your home. The garden and shrubs should also be trimmed on a regular basis as these can provide good hiding places for mice.

If despite following all the above mentioned tips you still fear a rodent infestation in your home you might need to get professional help. Rodent control in Sydney offers great services for home owners and help keep their home safe from rodents and all sorts of pests. So what are you waiting for, make sure you contact Concerned Pest Control Sydney today to help get rid of mice and rodents.